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Creating the right tone of voice for your blog

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Tone of voice is the personality of your brand, and it allows your audience to decide whether they can relate to you or not. To understand what tone of voice is right for your blog, you need to build up a picture of your audience.

Here are 4 things to think about when setting the right tone for your blog.

1. Subject matter

This one might seem obvious, but what you write about is going to impact the way you speak about it, so it’s a good place to start. On the whole your blog should have a consistent voice, but writing about different subjects will alter it slightly.

Say you write a blog for parents of young children. A piece on ‘Fun things to do on a rainy Sunday’ is going to have a playful and enthusiastic tone of voice, whereas ‘What to say when your child’s first pet dies’ is going to need a more sombre and sympathetic touch.

B2B or B2C

Broadly speaking, if you’re writing for other businesses you want to keep your writing more formal and to the point. People are less likely to read a long, humorous backstory when they’re doing their job. However this is by no means a rule, and if you can make someone chuckle at work they might even spend a bit longer on your blog!


What age group are your customers? Are they predominantly men or women? Are they likely to be educated to degree level? Think about the way your audience’s demographic make-up might suggest how they communicate themselves, and how what type of online content appeals to them.

Are they likely to value content as entertainment or education, or both? Are they likely to enjoy communications which are chatty and informal, or more considered and instructive? Do they know what an emoji is? Demographic factors are by no means defined rules, but they are useful to bear in mind.

Lifestyle factors

Similar to your audience’s demographic, you should think about their lifestyle in order to inform how they like to communicate. They might be busy high-flyers who like things broken down into short, sharp, matter-of-fact sentences. Or maybe they are ambitious young graduates? Look at the behaviours and aspirations of your audience and think what they want to get from what you have to say – reassurance or motivation perhaps – and feed this into your tone of voice.

There are no defined rules when it comes to tone of voice, and there’s no science to knowing when an exclamation mark is going to work or not. But build up a clear picture of your audience and you are on your way to striking the right tone and communicating with them on their level.

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