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Cutting through the noise

There’s a place for effective PR. But there’s also plenty of pointless noise and self-promotion. We help businesses cut through this noise and find practical ways to get their business seen by prospects.

More than a digital PR company, we’re your strategists. We tie your PR activity into your wider marketing plan, making sure it’s got a clear purpose.

How we create your marketing strategy


B2B buyers use external sources for research and evaluation



of manufacturing purchases are influenced by digital content


We previously struggled with content ideas and positioning ourselves effectively online. Now we tap into the variety of experience and knowledge held by the team.

Neil Brook, Moorgate Forklifts

Who’s listening?

Who’s your audience? What publications do they read? Which industry bodies represent them? How do they find suppliers? What events are they talking about?

A researched PR strategy reveals the scope of your potential audience. The next step is creating original, thought-provoking content to get in front of them. It takes experience and tenacity. It takes a team who understand PR and have the time to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Exposure that lasts

PR isn’t a onetime fix. You might launch a campaign that blows up, but that doesn’t mean people will remember your brand.

To make PR activity worthwhile, it needs to be sustained. There needs to be a clear aim and purpose. It needs to be followed up. It needs to be synced up with the rest of your activity.

Your strategy sets this out. We find the audience, learn what they care about and spend time getting your content in front of them on a regular basis.

Managed digital PR services

We manage the relationships for you. We research, draft and action PR proposals and speak with publications to get you the best deals.

You don’t need to think about activity management. Because we’re your marketing team (not just a digital PR company), coverage is synced up with the rest of your marketing. You’ll see it reflected on your website, social, paid ads and emails.

Explore our other content services

If you’re looking for digital PR services that get lasting results, talk to us.

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