Our social media audit follows a series of steps to evaluate your social profiles and activity. Get expert guidance to improve the performance of your social media marketing. Start your social media audit

Why get a social media audit?

  • Fix quick errors and bad practices
  • Stop wasting time on pointless activity
  • Reach the people you most want to
  • Bring your profiles up to standard
  • Gain an expert’s perspective

“Your Engine Room has transformed our approach to social media, leading to greater brand visibility, higher customer engagement, and increased website traffic."

Stuart Daniels, Sales Director, DFMK

What will you learn?

Your audit provides an impartial view of how you appear to the outside world. Find out about:

  • What’s working (and not working)
  • Ways to increase engagement
  • How to improve authenticity
  • Ways to grow your audience
  • Tips for boosting reach



Increase in LinkedIn followers



Increase in website visits from social media

FBP Academy


Monthly impressions on Twitter

Leeds Children's Charity


Increase in engaged users on Facebook


Time to start getting results?

Great social activity grows awareness of your brand and increases visits to your website. Bad social activity drains time, money and puts people off.

Are you guilty of any of the following?

  • Posting a few times and forgetting about it again
  • Bulk sharing posts across different platforms without editing
  • Attempting to mimic others rather than generating your own content
  • Not maintaining a consistent brand and tone on each platform
  • Pushing out the same old messages to the same people

Start thinking strategically about social

The reality of social media marketing is that it takes consistent management, analysis, knowledge, and tools to get results. There are fundamental dos and don’ts when it comes to presenting your business on social media. Start by understanding what’s required of you.

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