The purpose of a website is to bring in new visitors and enquiries. If it’s not doing this in the quantities you need, your website is not working hard enough. The road to more website visitors and better quality enquiries begins with a search strategy.

Why get an SEO strategy?

Your search engine optimisation strategy outlines how you are going to rank higher than the competition for the key terms related to your products and services. In essence, it is your plan of action for being more visible online.

It includes key word research, competitor analysis, on-page and off-page tactics, and a clear and consistent approach to content production. Our SEO strategy guides you through the process and gives you a clear plan to implement.

Client results

  • 40% Increase in search engine enquiries The Barista
  • 125% Increase in visits from search engines Titus

What you'll get

  • A review of where your current SEO efforts have got you so far.
  • A technical and on-page SEO audit of your current website which identifies SEO issues that could hinder the success of your website.
  • An audit of your Google Business Profile & Bing Places for Business Profile.
  • A ‘stock take’ of your products & services which will be used to create your keyword map.
  • Competitor reviews and keyword research to see how your best performing competitors are using search to their advantage.
  • A keyword research piece which will identify the most relevant keywords for your services and map out those keywords people are searching for with the pages on your website.
  • Recommendations for content on your website.
  • An on-page SEO guide on how to implement these.
  • A local link building recommendations list.
  • A summary of actions you can take away to implement yourself, or for us to perform.

We rely heavily on Your Engine Room's expertise, advice and reports. The SEO advice is a big help as it's like a dark art and impossible for us to keep up to date with it.

Andy Simpson, Director, FASTSIGNS Leeds

What you gain

  • Get ahead of your competitors.
  • Identify the technical errors holding your website back.
  • See the keywords and phrases your prospects are searching for.
  • Find out how to increase clicks to your website.
  • Start building your website authority now rather than later.
  • Improve the user experience of your website.
  • Find out how your website can be set up to bring in more leads.
  • Understand where you should be directing your content creation efforts.

A clear plan to work from

SEO is complex as there are so many moving parts. Your SEO strategy breaks it down into clear steps, with evidence-based recommendations explained in simple terms. Our SEO specialist guides you through the process and we meet with you to advise on how to implement your findings.

Client results

  • 98% Increase in sessions from organic search Athena Surfaces
  • 65% Increase in traffic from organic search Leeds Children's Charity

How do we do it?

We assess the technical and on-page SEO performance of your website, with very little input required from you. Over a matter of weeks, we see how your business is performing compared to competitor websites and outline how to improve your search rankings in comparison.

The findings are clearly explained, and we identify issues and opportunities for you to tackle. You receive a summary of actions to implement. Our search expert, Sean, oversees your strategy and communicates with you at each stage, including discussing the findings and implementation.

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The process usually takes around 5 weeks. When we’re done, we guide you through the document and the next steps. You’ll be able to understand everything in the strategy without being a search expert, and we support you to get the most from the process.

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