Our search audit follows a series of steps to evaluate your website’s search engine rankings. Get specialist advice on how to better optimise your website for search. Start your SEO audit

Why get an SEO audit?

  • Fix errors and bad practices
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Understand where to focus your efforts
  • Get clear steps on what to tackle
  • Gain a specialist’s perspective

We rely heavily on their expertise, advice and reports. The SEO advice is a big help as it's like a dark art and impossible for us to keep up to date with it.

Andy Simpson, Director, FASTSIGNS Leeds

What will you learn?

Your audit provides an impartial view of how your website is performing on search engines. Find out about:

  • Ways to improve your rankings
  • Technical search findings
  • On-page search recommendations
  • Off-page search considerations
  • Tips for improving website content



Increase in search engine web enquiries

The Barista


Increase in visits from search engines



Increase in sessions from organic search

Athena Surfaces


Increase in traffic from organic search

Leeds Children's Charity

Time to tackle your search rankings?

Your search strategy determines whether your target audience find you online ahead of your competition. By improving your SEO activity now, you stand to grow the domain authority of your website in the long run, meaning more visitors.

Are you concerned about any of the following?

  • How you can make your current website easier to find online
  • Why competitors rank higher on the search engine results pages
  • Your website being slow to load or feeling outdated and clunky
  • Not having the time or knowhow to create new webpage and articles
  • Your website being confusing or unclear to visitors

Start thinking strategically about SEO

The reality of search engine optimisation is that it takes consistent management, analysis, technical understanding, and tools to get results. There are fundamental dos and don’ts when it comes to setting up your website for search. Start by understanding what’s required of you.

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