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Website management

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Keeping your site healthy

Unless you’re a fulltime developer, you can’t know everything about your content management system (CMS). We specialise in WordPress website management for clients, long term.

Websites require daily maintenance. We keep your site secure and fast performing. We update plug-ins, create back-ups, set and test goal tracking to keep tabs on visitors. We’re the eyes and ears of your site.

Is your website safe and secure? We can tell you

The value


of people expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less


shop with a competitor after a poor user experience

We can focus on running the business knowing planned activity will always take place. The team are knowledgeable and provide a sounding board to throw ideas at.

Matthew Carr, The Barista

Your go-to website people

Your website is the backbone of your digital marketing activity.

You need to know it’s bringing in new visitors and leads, every day. Without this, your business is cut off from the outside world.

We spot problems before you do, fix kinks, test and improve your site – constantly. From managing security, to keeping it backed up and updated, it’s taken care of. You’ll see we’re doing the work, because we’ll report exactly what we’ve done each month.

Wordpress website management

Although we can work with other CMS platforms, Wordpress is our first choice for reliability. No matter what state your current website is in, we’ll find ways to make it perform better.

You have more to think about each day than the functioning of your website – even though it’s important. That’s why clients rely on our website management services – they know the technical health of their site is taken care of. And they receive a steady stream of enquiries to confirm this.

Your team of website managers

It’s not just the nuts and bolts we manage. Our close-knit team includes designers, copywriters and social experts – all sat round one big table.

Everything we do on your website contributes to getting it seen by more people, be that with fresh content for SEO, or pulling in new visitors from social.

Explore our other web services

Want Wordpress website management to be one less thing on your list? Put it on ours.

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