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Get more leads with B2B paid search

PPC management is simple in principle – you pay to get more clicks and enquiries. But, competition is fierce and it takes daily monitoring, research and testing to get right.

Many businesses waste time and money on failed PPC activity, when in reality, their budget would be better spent working with a PPC management agency.

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increase in PPC conversions

Canopies UK


increase in PPC conversions

The Barista

Their targeted activity engages our audience and brings in new opportunities, every day.

Jason Eastwood, Canopies UK

Targeting the leads that convert

PPC management involves keyword research to make sure you’re attracting the right leads; and setting a budget to capture them.

Many PPC management agencies promise more, more and more traffic. But, if this traffic isn’t converting anyone, it’s a total waste of money.

Through testing and industry benchmarking, we find a balance for your B2B paid search activity that’s maintainable and gets you the most relevant enquiries – the enquiries that actually convert.

Your route to PPC that works

Without a strategy behind your PPC activity, you may as well be throwing money away each day.

The start point is establishing your business’s need for PPC. We look at potential audiences, keywords, search volumes and costs. Then we propose a course of action.

Because we are on the same team as you, we report the results as our own. It’s never in our interest to propose activity we don’t believe is worthwhile. That’s why we start with the strategy.

Your PPC activity – taken care of

You access trained PPC experts who provide advice, proposals and manage any B2B paid search activity for you.

We create custom search engine adverts and either optimise your existing web pages or create specific landing pages for each advert group. You receive leads in real time and reports each month.

Explore our other search services

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