Your digital marketing strategy is the blueprint for growing your business. Your strategy defines who we’re talking to, with what messages, and how they will be shared. It outlines the steps needed to reach your customers online.

Why start with a marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy stops time being wasted on scattergun activity. Your strategy contains all the research and analysis you need to target your efforts effectively. It puts an end to vanity projects, mixed messages, dead ends and personal whims.

Using a strategy to inform your marketing activity means you are working towards a set of common aims. You know what you want to achieve, and you know how you will achieve it. It provides you with the means to educate the rest of the business on your aims and secure internal buy in.

Client results

  • 94% Increase in website enquiries Athena Surfaces
  • 131% Follower growth on LinkedIn Leeds Children's Charity

What you'll get

  • An impartial review of where your business is at
  • Audit and analysis of your competitors – those known and unknown to you
  • Market positioning analysis showing where your business sits
  • Set of clear marketing objectives and targets
  • Target markets and segmentation analysis
  • Product and service categorisation
  • Target customer profiles and analysis
  • Positioning and messaging recommendations
  • Brand messaging hierarchy
  • Vision and values recommendations
  • Strategic activity plan
  • Keyword research

Our online presence has grown significantly, we have positive rankings and we receive a lot more enquiries as a result of it.

Neil Brook, Managing Director, Moorgate Forklifts

What you gain

  • Outside perspective on your business’s position in the marketplace
  • Clear goals and objectives for your business to work towards
  • Awareness of all your competitors and where you sit alongside them
  • Understanding of how your business can best position itself
  • View of how your website can better communicate your offering
  • Plan for how you can reach more customers online with digital activity
  • Clear research and findings for everyone to work from

An evidence-based approach

Before diving into creating marketing activity, we start with the research. Who are you trying to reach? What drives them? How will they find you online? The analysis and findings of your strategy enable you to know you’re focusing your efforts in the right places.

Client results

  • 69% Increase in website sessions Titus
  • 75% Increase in sales from digital marketing Canopies UK

How do we do it?

Our process is designed to help you examine and outline your business and its objectives. Your offering; your positioning; your audience; your messaging. Everything is defined in plain terms.

To do this, we take an objective look at your business. We spend 2-3 hours asking you questions, before processing and sharing the findings with you. It sets out your activity for the next 12 months and beyond.

Get in touch

The process usually takes around 5 weeks. When the marketing strategy is complete, we share the document with you and invite you to go through it with us in detail. You’ll be able to understand everything in the strategy without being an expert, and we support you to get the most from the process.

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