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Paid Social Media Advertising

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Make your budget count

It’s harder than ever to get business posts seen on social. Tapping into social media advertising is the fast and proven way to see results.

If you’re paying for social reach, it has to be relevant. Otherwise it’s pounds down the drain. Working with a paid social agency provides the best ROI.

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of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation



ads per month are clicked by the average Facebook user


Your Engine Room understand that time and investment are often hard to come by for growing businesses. They’ve created an agency with the skills and structure to combat this this.

Harminder Powar, BASI Bathrooms

Give your brand a boost

Paid social media advertising isn’t a standalone tactic. It’s backstopped by organic social activity, fresh content and a user-friendly website.

Working with a paid social agency on one-off campaigns might achieve short term results. But, we’re focused on growing your brand in the long term.

Tracking and reporting on paid social campaigns alongside regular activity lets us monitor the value of your social campaigns to check they’re performing. It gives us chance to create content specifically for your ads.

Reach the right people

From your strategy, we study your customers and prospects, learn what platforms they use and see what they respond to. We use a predetermined budget to target them and get your content seen.

It’s a results-driven process with clear outcomes. More clicks, more views, more leads. The analytics let us know what’s working and what’s not working, and we adapt accordingly.

Your go-to paid experts

Paid social media advertising is a specialism. It’s constantly evolving and needs managing by someone with the time and skills to track and respond to changes.

For businesses that don’t have the luxury of trained in-house paid experts, we provide a practical alternative. We’re an extension of your team – your go-to paid social experts.

Explore our other social services

Find out what social media advertising could do for your business.

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