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Your business needs a consistent team to understand your industry and how best to communicate what you do. This is who we are.

We work with owner-managed Northern businesses to deliver regular marketing activity that gets results.

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Not sexy, but never dull

Your business’s products or services might not be interesting to the wider world. What’s interesting to customers and prospects is how you solve their problems. They care about what you do – because it benefits them.

Whatever you sell, there’s an interesting way to tell people about it. A way that encourages them to take action.

Getting to the heart of what (and who) makes your business tick is how we reach more potential customers. It’s our business to understand your products, processes and people – and tell the world what makes you different.

Talking to the team, they all have tremendous energy and passion for wanting to help us. They feel like an authentic extension of the business – part of team Invicta.

Peter Sharpe, Managing Director, Invicta Attachments

An extension of your team

Knowing how to reach the right people means understanding who they are, what they care about and where they look for answers to their problems. The next step is designing the content that’s going to capture their attention.

It’s not easy, but it is achievable. It takes regular, consistent digital marketing activity across a number of channels. You need a team of people with ranging expertise, from technical skills and creativity, to chatty people and those good at solving problems. This is who we are to our clients – an extension of their team, doing the work and supporting their business.

Understanding what you do

Because we start with a marketing strategy, we’re armed with the knowledge to talk confidently about what you do.

For businesses who make stuff, fix things or design complex systems, to businesses who sell a service or an experience, we lay out in simple terms what we’ll do and how we’ll do it.

This has meant that clients who previously thought no marketing agency could accurately represent their brand have been taken aback how quickly we’ve understood them.

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Kemps Architectural Lighting


average revenue growth every year of working together

The Barista

10+ years helping owner-managed businesses

We’ve been working with owner-managed businesses across the North for over ten years. In this time, we’ve come to understand some of the unique challenges facing them, be that resource, time, knowledge or keeping up with digital change.

We have designed systems to make plugging our service into your business straightforward. From reporting and content generation, to asking questions and gathering info, there’s an easy process.

You deal directly with the relevant person in the team. We take time to explain what we’re doing and why.

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