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Fresh leads to follow up

Emailing is an easy way to generate fresh leads for sales people to follow up. We manage the whole process, from GDPR compliance and sourcing data to writing, designing, sending and reporting on the emails.

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higher click though rate than industry average



in orders from emails

Canopies UK

We've grown our reach within the industry and dramatically increased leads in the past 2 years.

Peter Sharpe, Invicta

Keep your audience in the loop

For B2B businesses, regular emails are a touchpoint between you and your audience. At the right frequency, emails push your brand front of mind and generate a steady stream of leads for your team to follow up.

Emails are great for keeping customers and prospects up to date with your offering, including up and cross-selling products. You just need to make sure you strike the right balance in terms of frequency and messaging... How? By working with an experienced email marketing team.

Creating a compliant email marketing strategy

Your email marketing strategy makes sure you’re pushing the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. This is how you’ll see a return on investment.

Your strategy is the difference between useful and ineffective email activity. Planning and executing your email schedule requires a clear understanding of your audience and what they care about.

We create a set of buyer personas – a stipulation of GDPR – then identify and source opted in data to email. We design branded email templates for these different personas.

Results reported in real time

The process for emailing has numerous different stages, all managed by us. Each stage is actioned by the relevant expert – data, writing, designing, scheduling and reporting. Emails are reported in real time with fresh leads for your sales people to follow up. We use our preferred email marketing platform and offer automation where relevant.

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