Digital Marketing Review

A fresh perspective

You know your business inside-out.

Our digital marketing review takes an outside look in.

We audit your business’s online activity, comparing it to competitors and measuring it against best practice. It tells you how your business is doing – the good, the bad and the average.

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  • 75% increase in sales from digital marketing Canopies UK
  • 37% increase in overall visits to the website BASI Heating

Insight you can act on

Knowing what’s working (and what isn’t) is useful. Acting on it is what counts.

Our digital marketing review scores your current activity and provides practical feedback for things to improve on or implement, straight away.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to lose their way when it comes to activity. Our review process is an easy way to re-focus your energies, pinpointing missed opportunities and suggesting new ways to start attracting fresh leads.


We needed to strip it all back, see where our marketing was lacking and create a strategy to move forward. As a result, the company and I have grown.

Mark Kemp

What's Included?

Your digital marketing review is an easy to understand traffic light report.

You don’t need to meet with us; we take a look at all your online activity and review the results. We score using red, amber, and green, with comments alongside.

We review your online activity by area – web, SEO, content, design and social media – in plain English. Analysis is done by the relevant expert in the team and they add notes explaining how you’re doing and what you could be doing better.

Arm yourself with the facts

If you’re trying to secure internal buy in, support or investment, or taking stock of your current activity, a review exercise is a productive place to start.

Your report is a tool to inform and aid discussions, particularly with non-marketing colleagues. It’s a great reference point for prioritising your workload and creating your marketing strategy.

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The way activity is presented is reasuring. It's so organised, we can see clearly how it's going to work.

Emma Armitage, Excel Water

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