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Your Engine Room

The Barista

The website we've built and maintained for The Barista over the past 6 years consistently out-ranks the competition for key terms. It's helped them stay one step ahead in a growing market.

  • Sector: B2B, Service Provider

A growing brand

When we started working with The Barista, they were a team of two. Now, they’re a thriving business, taking their mobile coffee bars to hundreds of events across Europe every year.

We create activity that brings in enquiries, places them ahead of the competition and shares what they do with the wider world.

Some stats for this project


increase in PPC conversions

The Barista


average revenue growth every year of working together

The Barista

Your Engine Room take the time to truly understand your business and objectives. They develop a tailored marketing strategy and stick to it, with specialists in each area and the right tools to back it up.

Samuel Fletcher, Director and Co-Founder, The Barista

What we do

• Generate leads and enquiries through ongoing search and paid activity
• Reach their audience with website content, video and social activity
• Launch new services, consult on strategy changes and manage the brand

A sounding board

Throughout their journey, we’ve been a reference point; their go-to experts. We’ve helped amend their strategy, scope and launch new services and build their brand.

The team at The Barista come to us for anything marketing related, the same as an internal team. We're there to make sure activity stays relevant and on strategy.

How long we’ve worked with them

Since July 2014.

Thinking as one team

To get to the heart of what makes The Barista great - their people, a passion for coffee and an unwavering level of service – we need to know them.

We’ve developed a shared understanding that goes beyond typical client-agency communications. We meet their team, visit their site and track the events the attend in real time.

As their marketing team, we’re on hand to contribute to anything brand or marketing related, alongside delivering regular activity that gets them enquiries.

We can focus on running the business knowing planned activity will always take place. The team are knowledgeable and provide a sounding board to throw ideas at.

Matthew Carr, Director and Co-Founder, The Barista

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