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OWLS Leeds

Helping a local charity reach members and supporters with a new website and a multi-channel social campaign.

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A local charity

OWLS (older, wiser, local seniors) is a Leeds charity that covers Burley, Hyde Park, Little Woodhouse, Headingley, and Kirkstall. They work to reduce loneliness and social isolation for seniors, helping them stay healthy and independent and enjoy life to the fullest.

When we met OWLS, they wanted to run a campaign to reach new members. We advised a digital campaign was the right approach, alongside a postcard door drop within the catchment area. The first thing that needing tackling was the OWLS website.

The previous website design was dated and unclear. The text and buttons were hard to read, and the navigation was poor. Given the older audience of the charity, the website needed an overhaul in terms of user-friendliness and design.


Increase in visits from search and social channels

OWLS Leeds


Increase in users to the website

OWLS Leeds

We now have a website that we can be proud of. It’s easy to use and provides the necessary information without being cluttered. The team at Your Engine Room were open with us and have a genuine interest in what we deliver.

Lee Ingham, General Manager, OWLS Leeds

A fresh new website

We started by researching accessible design for older users. Our research told us strong colour contrasts were needed and clean, bold, largely black text on white. Highly contrasting colours on buttons and graphics are used to support fading eyesight.

The new logo improved on the imagery of the old, with a responsive layout and crisp, clear finish. The charity wanted to keep their signature yellow, which we tweaked to ensure the correct colour contrast against the black elements.

The objective of the website design was to make information clear and easy to read. We used plenty of whitespace; large, black font; clear buttons; simple navigation; and a simple block layout. Every page sits within the top navigation bar. OWLS provided images of their members and activities to support the text and bring the site to life.

How long we’ve worked with them

Since February 2021.

The Campaign

• New website, brand, and updated social media profiles
• Video, social graphics, and postcard design to advertise membership
• Paid social campaign to promote posts to local target audience

“Knowledgeable and capable”

The team were professional, friendly, and responsive throughout the project, and their knowledge and capabilities are evident.

Lee Ingham, General Manager, OWLS Leeds

Supporting OWLS

The target area for this campaign was small and specific – OWLS wanted to reach people aged 50+ living within 5 post codes. We narrowed the demographics on Facebook and LinkedIn and located groups specific to these local areas.

Activity over one month:

• 2,321 website page views.
• 972 users on the website.
• 62.70% of visits from search and social channels.
• 28 people contacted OWLS through the website.

The campaign succeeded in reaching hundreds of new people, leading to new members and supporters. The charity has a fresh new brand and accessibly designed website, which better supports their activities and communication with the elders of Leeds.

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