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Your Engine Room

Invicta Forks and Attachments

We helped Invicta transform their brand and website. Through regular digital marketing activity, we've grown their audience and increased sales.

  • Sector: B2B, Manufacturer

Understanding the industry

Invicta design and manufacture forklift attachments. When first approached by Invicta, their brand was outdated, and their website lacked a clear structure.

The new website needed to make it fast and easy for each customer to find the right products. Before starting the redesign, we got to grips with their products, processes and markets served, via their marketing strategy.

Some stats for this project


of enquiries from organic search



increase in Twitter impressions


Invicta’s online presence has gone from strength to strength since working with Your Engine Room. Their work has grown our reach within the industry and dramatically increased leads in the past 2 years.

Peter Sharpe, Invicta Attachments

What we do

• New brand and website launched to reach more customers online
• Deliver a steady stream of leads via website, social and email activity
• Keep Invicta ahead of the competition with SEO activity

Building up to the rebrand

The brand and website redesign were a natural progression from the strategy, because we were armed with all the information. It gave us an in depth understanding of who to target with what messages, and how best to reach them.

The new website is easy for customers and staff to use. It’s grown Invicta’s online presence and position in the marketplace.

How long we’ve worked with them

Since October 2017.

Solving everyday problems

Invicta have no end of unique products under their belts – products which solve daily problems for customers.

The challenge was communicating this authentically. They needed to start sharing stories to demonstrate the time and money they save for customers, which is where we come in.

Invicta provide the technical details, and we package it into engaging, bitesize chunks. Videos, emails, social posts, design work – these are all ways we illustrate the unique benefits of Invicta’s products to buyers online, and drive enquiries.

Putting in the time

Like many of our clients, Invicta’s products are specialist. It takes time for us to understand them. Educating ourselves on their world, through visits and via their strategy, means we speak confidently about their products and services.

Talking to the team, they all have tremendous energy and passion for wanting to help us. They feel like an authentic extension of the business – part of team Invicta. They understand what we do and what we stand for.

Peter Sharpe

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