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Excel Water

What impressed Excel was our ability to take the science of water treatment and make it accessible and interesting.

  • Sector: B2B, Manufacturer, Service Provider

Tackling complex products

Excel Water manufacture, install and maintain commercial water treatment systems. Working with health care providers, food and drink, automotive and pharmaceutical manufacturers, their audience covers many sectors.

It was our job to examine these sectors within the marketing strategy and produce an activity plan in response. We reach prospects to explain the benefits of water treatment using digestible information such as blogs, articles, diagrams, and videos.

There’s no reason complicated information should be dull – the opposite is true. We’ve helped Excel shine a light on what makes their products and people unique.


increase in organic goal completions

Excel Water


increase in website traffic from social media

Excel Water

We reach a wider audience; the content is relevant and engages with our customer base.

Emma Armitage, Excel Water

Increasing engagement on social

Excel had existing social profiles for their business (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook), but they weren’t getting what they should from them.

We took over, producing and sharing new content. By sharing a mixture – current work, useful advice, behind the scenes, and industry news – we’ve increased traffic to the website from social by 1,896%.

Articles posted through Emma’s LinkedIn profile are getting great interaction. Impressions have tripled on Twitter and engaged users on Facebook are up by 85%. Put simply, more people are interested in content we’ve published – it’s useful to them.

How long we’ve worked with them

Since April 2019.

What we do

• Bring in new enquiries and customers via web, email, and social activity
• Produce videos, graphics, diagrams, brochures, blogs, and newsletters
• Manage Excel’s presence at conferences and networking events

I’m impressed by how well they understand our business. It’s not straightforward, but I trust the team to produce the relevant content.

Emma Armitage, Excel Water

Supporting Excel into the future

Having consistent marketing support has grown Excel’s audience online. We’ve taken pressure of Excel to produce marketing internally.

Anytime the team have a question about their website, or need copy for an event guide, or have news to share with customers, we’re a phone call or email away. These things no longer slip down the list and Excel know they are being done by trained specialists.

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