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Canopies UK

With over 10 different audiences to reach, Canopies UK needed a marketing strategy to cover all bases. Their digital marketing activity now delivers a 15:1 return on investment.

  • Sector: B2B, Manufacturer

A consistent stream of leads

With a sales team to keep supplied with leads, the Canopies UK marketing team need to know digital marketing activity is being carried out, across platforms, to deliver their targets.

Without specialists in each area of digital marketing, Canopies UK sought Your Engine Room to become part of their team and extend their in-house capabilities.

Some stats for this project


increase in sales from digital marketing

Canopies UK


in orders from emails

Canopies UK

For every £1 we spend on digital marketing activity, we now receive an average £15 in sales. Targeted activity brings in new opportunities, every day.

Jason Eastwood, Managing Director, Canopies UK

What we do

• Bring in a steady stream of enquiries via paid and organic search and social activity
• Generate new survey appointments via emails to prospect groups
• Manage their brand online, including updating the website and social feeds with fresh content that showcases their work

Multiple audiences, multiple messages

Canopies UK serve B2B and B2C audiences across many sectors. For their digital marketing activity to see results, it must engage all these audiences, simultaneously.

Hospitality, education, healthcare, home builders and consumers – how we reach each sector is set out in their marketing strategy.

We produce original, regular content that’s useful, then make sure it’s seen by the right people with a balance of activity. We build trust and interest, which leads to enquiries.

How long we’ve worked with them

9 years.

Extending their team

With us on board, Canopies UK have complete access to trained experts for PPC, SEO, social, email marketing, design and content creation. Their marketing department have time to focus on offline activity like industry events, knowing daily activity is taken care of by us.

Reporting results

Because we’re an extension of the team, we work alongside the Canopies UK marketing team and report to the business leaders. They know us individually and we share in their successes as our own.

Even with an in-house marketing department, we struggled to make enough time for content marketing. Now with an extended team of specialists, we know it’s happening consistently, in line with industry change.

Rob Cassidy, Marketing Manager, Canopies UK

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