Why should I pay for social media advertising?

Post-pandemic, there are many reasons businesses will be looking to cut advertising budgets, attempting to save money and cut corners wherever possible. Although understandable, there’s reason to consider prioritising paid social media.

With the average social media user spending over two hours a day on social networks, businesses that fail to take advantage of the platforms risk being left behind. Many small businesses are already looking to make the most of that audience. In fact, according to The Manifest, 92% of businesses who invested in social advertising last year have increased their investment.

Paid social media advertising is very different from other forms of advertising. The data available means that it’s easier than ever to reach your target audience. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, send traffic to your website – it’s all possible with paid social media.

Here are 8 reasons you should consider investing in social media advertising:

1. Get posts seen by more people

Increasing reach is one of the main reasons to invest in paid advertising. Whilst your activity might get in front a decent amount of people, algorithms now mean organic posts receive much less visibility than they once did. Adding a little budget to posts means you can guarantee it is seen by more people – and even better – people you decide should see it.

2. Get more people talking about your brand

Increasing engagement is a great way to get seen by your target audience. It also gives people a certain level of trust via third party validation and ‘social proof’. If others are commenting, sharing and engaging with your posts it gives people more confidence in you as a brand. Paying for initial engagements also helps your content travel further.

3. Get in front of key individuals and decision makers

One of the benefits of paying for reach and engagement is the ability to truly hone in on the individuals you want to see/ engage with your posts. This means if you want to target managing directors in the Yorkshire area who work in construction then you can do just that! Procurement professionals within the pharmaceutical sector? Easy.

4. Brand awareness

Consciously or subconsciously, brand awareness is a huge factor in an individual’s buying decision. Getting your brand in front of people where possible and relevant is key to pushing them (gently) in the right direction. It’s not always about the hard sell either, sometimes it’s a helpful blog or video that tells them something they didn’t know. When they do decide to buy, you’ll be front of mind.

5. Data capture and gated content

Creating gated content allows you to drive traffic to a landing page whereby to access the download, whitepaper or template the visitor has to give up their information i.e. email, company and name. You can then use this as research to tailor your activity, in social lists or as opted in email data.

6. Your competitors are doing it!

The chances are your competitors will be using paid social media to increase the effectiveness of their planned activity. Don’t be left behind. You can even look at targeting their followers!

7. A small budget can make a big difference

Even adding a small amount can make a huge difference. A little push goes a long way and getting the first bit of engagement can make or break a campaign. This means that you don’t have to throw a lot of cash to see the return on investment, the difference is clear and tangible.

8. It’s all part of the mix

Having the right paid/organic mix is vital in getting the most from your social activity. Social media has always been about encouraging genuine, meaningful interaction and the focus should always be on creating engagement organically where possible.

Adding a paid element into the mix should work to facilitate this engagement by giving your content a boost by increasing your reach and putting it in front of the right people. Producing content that is relevant to your audience should be the priority. If you strike the right balance you can generate worthwhile, genuine engagement as well as real interest in your business, products and services.

With organic reach on social networks continuing to dip, paid social media advertising should be on the top of your agenda.

Businesses of all sizes are changing their social media strategies to include paid media. Paying for social media allows you to amplify reach, enhance targeting, and drive greater results.

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