Social media marketing tips for 2021

Social media has played a vital role in the past year. Throughout lockdowns and a steady stream of bad news, people have turned to social media for information and to stay connected.

But it can be tricky to know how to approach social media marketing for your business. How do you stay genuine without being overfamiliar? What activity reaches potential customers and what falls flat? Where do you cross the line from helpful to pushy?

The answer is: balance. Fill your social feeds with a good mixture of content that is of interest and use to your audience. Post regularly – around once a day – and listen to the response you get back.

To help you strike the right balance this year, read the B2B social media marketing tips for 2021 we’ve pulled together. Make your social profiles a place where new customers reach you and avoid mistakes that could send the wrong impression.

1. Spend time online

Your social accounts need managing by someone sensitive to public feeling who spends time online. Avoiding tone deafness is key – especially under current circumstances. If Twitter is reeling from a terrible event, don’t post about what a great year your business is having for sales. Read the room!

2. Regularly make effort to collate ‘Soft Content’

Soft content could be anything that happens day-to-day. This could be images of deliveries, new projects, manufacturing images, client testimonials, even thank you gifts or staff birthdays.

Collecting this kind of content helps break up other more sales-led posts and messaging. It is also content that your audience can more easily engage with, without thinking too much, you’ll be surprised how many likes and comments you will receive for these kinds of posts.

3. Short-form video content

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video (Hubspot). Not only is a short-form video easier and quicker to produce, it’s also more likely to fit into the audience’s schedule. Many won’t stick around long enough to watch a lengthy video – but give them a 30 second video on a topic and they might just see what it’s all about!

4. Utilise user-generated content – always

User-generated content is a term used to describe posts by customers or employees that mention your business. It resonates more because it’s trustworthy. Luckily for you, it’s also free! User-generated content from real people will continue to prove its worth this year with more people spending time online and on social media – as well as more people listening to others on those channels. Encouraging this kind of content from customers and employees must be up there on your priority list.

5. Tag your business friends and customers

Tagging the businesses and individuals you work with in posts is a great way of encouraging engagement from their accounts and beyond. Not only does it improve the reach for you and them, but it also shows support for local and likeminded businesses. It increases the chances of your posts being seen by relevant people, including potential customers.

6. Consider new platforms

There is always a new kid on the block. A new platform that young people and businesses alike flock to. Just look at the recent example of TikTok – now boasting 800 million active users! If there are any new platforms you haven’t tried it’s certainly worth looking into how it might align with your strategy.

7. Consider dropping platforms

When considering new platforms to explore it is certainly worth revising the platforms you currently use. If you’ve been putting in lots of effort for little reward it might be time to evaluate whether it’s worth continuing on that particular platform. Sometimes it’s better to spend that time improving and tailoring your content for the better performing platforms.


8. Freshen up your profiles and update your bios

An easy way to inject a bit of life into your socials is to update your profile bios; make sure links are up to date, messaging is consistent, and any important changes are reflected. It might also be time to give them an aesthetic revamp too. New cover and header images give your profiles a fresh look and remind people you’re active and on the pulse.

9. Competitor analysis

It’s always worth keeping tabs on your competitors’ social media profiles. What are they doing well? What are they doing wrong? Taking what they’re doing and using it for planning your activity or maybe focussing on an area you think they aren’t doing well at is also worth considering.

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