Transforming a Leeds manufacturer’s website and brand   

When Invicta Attachments approached us in 2017, their brand was dated, and their website was hard to use. They knew they needed a brand and website refresh and more consistent online marketing activity. They wanted a team who could deliver both things.

Invicta has large customer base. But, with many rival products and companies, they couldn’t afford to sit back and rely on existing customers and referrals. They needed a plan for generating a stream of new enquiries. And that plan started with their website and digital marketing strategy.

Starting with a digital strategy

Before we could tackle Invicta’s website, we needed to get to grips with the business. We undertook a business health check and marketing strategy.

Through interviews and market research with the team, we assessed the health of the business. We looked at products and services; financial turnover; customers; competitors; and marketing activity. The subsequent report and strategy included recommendations relating to target markets; brand positioning; the structure of the website; a strategic activity plan; and keyword analysis.

The purpose of the health check and digital marketing strategy was to gain an understanding of the business, set objectives and locate the areas of marketing to focus on. It provides a reference point for any future work.

Tackling Invicta’s branding and website was the first port of call. The old brand was valued by employees and customers, but it was dated, and the company had outgrown it. The website was not set up for customers to browse and buy products easily and it wasn’t search engine friendly.


The brand

Something that emerged from Invicta’s strategy was their capacity for problem-solving. They manufacture products in response to challenges faced by their customers. This approach sets them apart from competitors – it’s the Invicta difference.

The orange colour was kept from the old brand. Invicta’s products come in this colour as standard and the bright orange is recognisable on client sites wherever the products are in use. The colour has become synonymous with the Invicta difference.


The website

With the new brand and logo done, the next step was building a website that made it fast and easy for people to find what they were looking for – even if they didn’t know the product name. We made sure the website had multiple pathways for visitors to look up what they needed.

The site included these functions:

  • Products by type
  • Products by application
  • Product search bar
  • Links to related products
  • Online brochure

Getting products found in searches

To compete with the other companies and e-commerce websites offering similar products, we had to build a robust website that ranked highly for product keyword searches. Every product has its own page, with keywords, copy, images, and resources. Having detailed pages provides more information for search engines, increasing the rankings and boosting visitors.

Blogging to answer search questions

When the website was live, we began a monthly blogging schedule. Blogs provide another way for prospects to find the website through related searches. Not every customer knows the exact name of the product they need, or even that the product exists yet. What they do know is the problem they have or the outcome they need.

Using the keyword analysis from the digital strategy, we started blogging about things potential customers were searching. Posts such as “What are the best forklift attachments for lifting?” or “What to consider when handling forklift live loads” tap into questions the target audience may have. The blogs are another avenue for potential customers to find the Invicta website.

Reaching people on social media

With the new branding and website set up, and fresh content being created, we had the tools in place to push Invicta’s brand forward on social media. Managing their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, we schedule regular posts to Invicta’s following, which has grown as we’ve become more active. By sharing images and videos with links to blogs and webpages, visitors to the Invicta website from social have increased.

Increasing sales and orders

Growing enquiries wasn’t an overnight fix. When the website and new brand was launched, there was an initial fully of engagement. But the goal was steady and lasting growth. The happens through regular online activity (web content, emails, videos, social media). The more active Invicta became, the more web enquiries they received.

Over the first year working together, we increased visitors to the website and grew the number of orders coming from organic search i.e. people who found Invicta via a Google or Bing search of their own accord. The new content we created each month grew their social reach and follower count.


25% increase in organic visitors to the site

114% increase in organic enquiries to the site

20% increase in new users to the site


1,455% increase in impressions on Twitter

15% increase in average monthly impressions on LinkedIn

58% increase in clicks to the website from LinkedIn

68% increase in average monthly impressions on Twitter

Stats 2019 vs. 2018

Invicta’s MD, Peter Sharpe, said this of their journey:

“We’ve grown our brand and increased our reach in the industry. Leads have increased dramatically in the past 2 years and, without Your Engine Room, it would have been hard to sustain grow organically. Our online presence has gone from strength to strength.

“They know our business and really understand what we do and what we stand for. When talking to the team, they all have tremendous energy for wanting to help us. If you want to have a clear strategy that’s executed with precision, it’s a no brainer.”

Are you a Northern manufacturer wanting to increase leads in the coming months?

Your business might be sustained by existing customers and referrals. But not actively seeking online leads is a missed opportunity. Without investing in your business’s website and digital marketing strategy, your potential customers are heading to your competition.

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