The pandemic just made having a digital strategy even more important – here’s why

Covid-19 forced us online in ways we weren’t used to. The numbers of people searching and ordering products online skyrocketed. Many services switched online for the first time. From gym classes and meetings, to lessons, weddings, and health appointments – people signed up and logged on.

“58% intend to continue using digital services”

What started as a necessary shift has become more lasting. Many who were reluctant to use online services before had to get used to it. The lockdown saw 11% of people turn to digital services and apps for the first time, and 58% of those people intend to continue doing so.

B2B or B2C – what does this mean for your business?

Every business needs a digital strategy. Start planning for customers to find and contact you online and make it easy for them to do so. You might sell physical products, software, or services – it doesn’t matter – you need a strong website and active social media channels to stay relevant and keep getting new enquiries.

Having an old or poorly designed website loses enquiries every day

Bad websites have always put people off. But this latest digital shift (cheers, pandemic…) has made it even more pressing. It doesn’t matter if you get more enquiries via phone than email, everyone still expects to go to your website and instantly get the information they need.

Not being able to find what you need is a frustrating experience, particularly for a paying customer, and patience for this is at an all-time low. Research by analytics firm SAS, found over 30% of Britons said they would ditch a company after just one poor experience.

No business wants to consider losing a third of its enquiries, for any reason. Keeping people happy starts with removing barriers to fast and helpful customer service. It should be easy for enquirers to get in touch with you whenever they need, by whatever means they choose.

How to make things easier for enquirers online:

Invest in your website – people go to your website and expect to get information without working for it. Make it clear and easy to use. Encourage people to take action. Your website is judged from the word “go” – make sure it matches the standards of your products and services.

Increase website speed40% of people wait no longer than 3 seconds for a website to load before abandoning it. Get help making your website faster, or risk people leaving for competitor sites.

Make follow up clear – the forms on your website should be followed up within days, if not hours. Be clear about what timeframes people should expect and what happens next.

Manage your social media – people turn to social media to check a company is active and get an instant response. Keep your channels updated and respond to comments and direct messages.

Take orders online – consider e-commerce and online ordering/booking for your website. If you make it easier for people to buy from you, they are more likely to do so.

Set up live chat – people expect to see live chat functions more and more. Managed properly, they provide instant customer service that sets you apart from competitors.

Your digital marketing review – we provide a digital report on your business’s website and digital activity. You receive a document with traffic light scores and practical information on how to fix and improve your website and social channels.

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