How has social media marketing evolved and what B2B social media tips help businesses increase engagement?

Over the last few years, the social media landscape has changed massively. Businesses had truly started to harness the power of social reach and engagement to maximise its potential – however more recently, it’s not been smooth sailing.

Social networks have made significant alterations to their news feed algorithms which has left company pages and profiles with limited reach.

Having this handicap has meant we as B2B marketers have to be creative, and more importantly genuine, for content to reach and engage with social media users.


So, what B2B social media tips can help to combat these changes? Here are my 5 top tips.

1. Employee Advocacy

Employees make the best consistent brand ambassadors; nobody knows your business like your employees. Having employee advocates makes your brand more human, more accessible, and expands that all-important reach. All whilst promoting your employees as valuable thought leaders and sources of knowledge within their industry.

With algorithms shrinking organic reach for business pages, employees and their networks are incredibly valuable in counteracting this. Content shared from a real person will always be more relatable and engaging.

2. Third party validation

It’s easy to boast about how good your product or service is but convincing your potential customers that it really is as good as you say it is, that’s another task entirely. There’s nothing more effective than third party advocates for doing this.

Sharing star ratings and reviews from previous customers or partner companies is hugely beneficial social content. Packaging these up as images or videos helps them travel further.

Not only do they impress prospects, they are an invaluable tools for increasing your conversion rate and turning a maybe into a solid gold yes.

3. Humanise your business

People buy from people. Even if you’re B2B, it’s imperative that you retain a human element and a tone of voice that is professional but still approachable and personable. Connecting with people is still what social media is about – even when you’re representing a business!

Using people in your marketing, both customers and employees, helps build trust and credibility into your content.

4. Pay for it

Creating worthwhile and interesting content is great, but sometimes you need to give it a little boost to get it seen by the right people. As soon as you put some money behind your content, you can tailor your posts towards the people you need to reach and increase your engagement from the off. You are paying to get content seen, but it doesn’t mean it’s not genuinely useful to your audience.

5. Designated landing pages

The main purpose of social media for B2B marketing is increasing traffic to your website with the goal of lead generation. If you’re providing relevant information to the right people and getting them to click on your content, this is your chance to convert by sending them to a designated landing page. A landing page contains all the information they are looking for, along with a contact form, making it oh so easy to contact you!

Engagement isn’t an exact science, but these social media tips for B2B marketers will help you increase reach on your social channels, and in turn, help you connect with your audience.

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